World’s oldest woman shares her secret diet

Photo: Reuters

Susannah Mushatt, called ‘Tee’ by her family, is 116 year old, and currently holding the worldwide record. She was visited by Page 6 reporters just a few days ago and they had a chat with her niece, Lois Judge.

She said Tee grew another molar at the age of 96 and the family was slightly concerned about her eating too much chewing gum, but there’s no stopping her.

“She voted for Obama twice, but her last birthday he never sent anything. We’ll have to remind him,” said the niece.

And what do you think Susannah’s favorite food is? Bacon ! We get it alright, this old lady has great taste in food. Every day at 10:30 Tee eats her scrambled eggs with bacon, one of the foods nutritionists are urging us to steer clear of. Now what should we make of that?


Lois says “she’ll eat bacon all day long”….and we can’t argue with that, given the age Susannah reached. Also, she eats some fruit at lunch and dinner at 5:30 which usually consists of a set plate of meat, potatoes and vegetables. But Tee has her priorities sorted out and “eats the meat first”.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m going to go make myself some bacon right now !

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Written by James Marduk


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