18 Wise life hacks you’ll surely need at some point

Before the Internet, you could only learn wise life hacks from other people. Now you can just casually browse the web and you will come across life hacks even if you weren’t searching for them.

While a lot of these so-called hacks might seem ridiculous, some of them are actually brilliant and simple solutions to a multitude of problems. Enough talking, let’s start Macgyvering some stuff!

1. Use frozen grapes to chill your wine instead of ice cubes so it doesn’t get watered down

2. Works in any small room
3. Use sticky tape to clean between your keyboard’s keys
brilliant life hacks4. An improved method to make a bacon lettuce tomato sandwich
5. This is how you spot a puncture in your tire
6. Beeswax to the rescue!
7. Thrifty camping light
smart life hacks8. The perfect way to finish a jar of Nutella
9. Portioning


10. When you’re strapped for cash…
11. That moment when your avocado is perfectly ripe
12. The cheapest iPhone speakers in the world
wise life hacks13. Chill your coffee the smart way
14. No-fuss hydration
15. Never misplace lids again
16. Pet hair has a new enemy
17. Now you can eat popsicles without making a mess
18. Fuzz-free clothes with a razor

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Written by Lizzy Wilson


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