10 Toothpaste hacks that will blow your mind

Toothpaste was created to help us clean our teeth, but it’s a really versatile household item and you can use it for so much more. I’m sure you might have needed at least some of these toothpaste hacks at some point.

Actually, toothpaste can be used to clean various items but if you check out the list below you will also find some unexpected uses of toothpaste.

1. Clean coffee stains from mugs

toothpaste hacks

Toothpaste can efficiently clean brown stains from tea and coffee on your cups and mugs. It’s mildly abrasive so your mugs will be sparkly clean in no time!

2. Fix a scratched CD

fix scratched CD with toothpaste

Rub some toothpaste on the scratches with light circular motions then wipe it off. Finally you can play that CD without it skipping all the time!

3. Make silver shine again

alternative uses for toothpaste

This method of cleaning silver is very old. Your grandma’ probably used it, but it still works amazingly well. You just need to scrub your silver cutlery, jewelry and any other silver item with some toothpaste using a cloth and it will end up looking like new.

4. Use toothpaste as caulk

household uses for toothpaste

If you find small holes in the wall you don’t need to buy caulk or hire someone to fix them. Just use toothpaste to fill them!

5. Remove crayon marks from walls

clean crayon marks from walls with toothpaste

I remember drawing on the walls when I was little but my dad didn’t know he could clean those marks with toothpaste so we had them for a few years until we repainted the walls.

6. Clean the edges of your sneakers

clean sneakers edges with toothpaste

Sneakers with white edges look very cool but they can sure get dirty super fast and cleaning them with soap or laundry detergent never brings back the original whiteness. However, cleaning them with toothpaste and an old toothbrush or another type of small brush can make them sparkly white. I actually tried this a few times and it really works!

7. Remove funky smell from baby bottles

awesome ways to use toothpaste at home

After using them a few times, baby bottles can begin to smell like sour milk. Just pour in some toothpaste, them fill with warm water half way and vigorously shake the bottle. This will not only clean it, but also get rid of that pesky smell.

Sometimes, old baby bottles tend to start smelling like sour milk after a few days, so to save yourself from constantly shelling out on a new one every few weeks or so, just pour some toothpaste, warm water and shake it. This will clean and refresh the bottle.

8. Clean your iron

If your iron has scorch marks on it but you need to use it asap just rub some toothpaste on the plate, use a cloth to scrub it and that’s it!

9. Remove hair dye stains

remove hair dye stains with toothpaste

Refreshing your hair color is……refreshing, except for those annoying color stains on the skin. Well, no need to rub them like crazy. Just use toothpaste to get rid of them. And even better….to prevent the stains, rub your hairline with toothpaste before dyeing your hair.

10. Soothe itchy insect bites

Toothpaste dries the skin and it’s also minty which will cool the affected area and reduce the itch. There are also special ointments and creams for this but if you don’t have any on hand, toothpaste will do the trick!

What other awesome toothpaste hacks can you recommend? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Written by Lizzy Wilson


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