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Tinder May Not Get You Dates, But It Can Sure Give You Laughs!

I’ve never actually used Tinder myself, but I have a lot of friends who have. Of all of them, maybe two have ended up going on real, legitimate dates with the folks they swiped right on. By my observations, most folks just use it as some sort of newfangled chat room type thing.

Regardless of what your thoughts on meeting someone online are, you have to admit that sometimes the messages that come through are hilarious. Here are 30 pictures that are likely to make you laugh even if you’ve never used the dating app.

You can always trust a cat person, right?

Especially if they’re the type of cat person that dresses their cat up in a shirt with their face on it.

Awe, how sweet!

Something tells me that this person is kind of starved for conversation.

Not quite ‘grown, grown’ yet

Honesty is important; maybe she’ll end up with an accountant!

Speaking of honesty

It’s good to get all of your biases out of the way quickly, I guess.

How not to respond to kindness

On the other hand, dude killed it with his response.

A swing and a miss

If she doesn’t get your jokes, it’s not going to work.

When you pickup where her pickup left off…

And she misses it, it’s time to move on.

I’m sure he just loved that

Poor Dick 🙁


Are you planning to rob a bank before your little rendezvous? I feel like Lizzy should politely decline, and then maybe change her phone number.

Maybe not as dry

Definitely as hot as that burn though.

This conversation went from 0-100 real quick

You’ll note that there was no reply.

Well, I mean, I guess it’s a legitimate question

RIP date.

You know what happens when you assume…

The person you assume about will probably make themselves look like an ass.

No hard feelings

I can barely handle me at my worst. Unfortunately – healthy boundaries or not – I’m stuck with me. This girl gets it.

Uh, good luck lady

….She knows she’s on Tinder, right? The sad fact us that she still likely got a lot of responses.

Now THIS is how you make plans

Promise food —> Set time —> Get number. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you Tinder. I really hope that it worked out for these two.

Jeannette knows what guys want, she knows what they like…

…They want emotional manipulation followed by a night of fun and for her to disappear before they wake up, apparently.

And then there’s this girl

She knows what she is and isn’t afraid to tell you, so there’s that. And I mean hey, cleavage!

Two people who love to sing

Looks like a perfect match to me.

You want to do the same thing as me?! F-ck off!

I mean, I understand rivalries and all but damn. I think he dodged a bullet with this one.

Never give up

But maybe try expanding on your opening line, especially if it took six weeks to come up with.


I mean, she didn’t say no…

If this girl doesn’t have what you’re looking for, you’re probably in the wrong place

She’s perfect!

Oh look, honesty’s paying off again

I question how honest the person they’re speaking to is, though.

How patient is your love?

I’m pretty sure that mine is definitely not the two years level of patient.

Disqualified before it even started

Also, it’s GIF.

Do you have a receipt?

Trade ins usually require a receipt. Maybe you could try getting some kind of credit instead.

Opinions are like a-sholes

But I mean, she’s not exactly wrong either.

After going through all of that, she never even responded

🙁 I’d like to know what Big Poppa is up to these days, myself.

Responses just don’t get more perfect than this

That question, though…

I’m sure that these don’t even begin to scratch the surface; I know that my friends have had some real crazy ones over the years – What’s the best Tinder story you’ve got?

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Written by Shanda de Vries


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