These photoshopped pics of Mr. Bean don’t lack the creep factor (27 photos)

The world knows Rowan Atkinson for his Mr. Bean character – the quirky englishman with a knack for getting out of trouble as fast as he gets in. But he was famous in the U.K. way before that, you can easily find his work online.

With that said, the photoshopped pics below, show Atkinson could easily play pretty much any part and totally kill it! Literally…

1. Feverish Bean

Bean 01

2. B-Esther

Bean 02

Ok, that one was seriously disturbing.

3. Punk Bean girl

Bean 03

4. Beach model Bean

Bean 04

Now we’re talkin’.

5. Barry Botter

Bean 05

He could have definitely pulled this off in his youth.

6. Scarlett is not safe

Bean 06

This could be the horror version of ‘Gone with the wind’.

7. Beanrat

Bean 07

8. Legally Bean

Bean 08

That’s illegally green.

9. This painting

Bean 09

10. Pregnant Bean

Bean 10

11. Belvis

Bean 11

12. Mr. B

Bean 12

This one came out right, lol.

13. Bavatar

Bean 13

14. Beagan Fox

Bean 14

15. This unknown band

Bean 15

…of googly-eyed Beans.

16. Barry Botter one more time

Bean 16

17. Paul Bean-yan

Bean 17

18. Lucky Bean

Bean 18

19. Bean hottie

Bean 19

FIY, Rowan Atkinson actually has a daughter. And she’s beautiful!

20. Last one of Potter Bean and his crew

Bean 20

21. Bean’s poker face

Bean 27

22. Bean Raider

Bean 26

23. George W. Bean

Bean 25

24. Bean-a

Bean 24

25. Pirates of the Carib-Bean

Bean 23

26. Bean baby

Bean 22

27. Pope Bean-edict

Bean 21

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Written by Lizzy Wilson


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