Strange orbs are washing up on England’s shores. You’ll never guess what they are

The ocean hides many and sometimes odd living beings. While some of them you already know, there’s always a chance you’ll be surprised. For example, some strange orbs are washing up on England’s shores – they look familiar, but they’re not what you might think.

The discovery was made by a man walking his dog on the beach close to his home. His dog dug up some mysterious orbs from the sand. They looked weird. He was a bit concerned they might be harmful to his dog so he closely analyzed them.

They looked a lot like potatoes but we all know potatoes don’t typically grow on the beach. However, he wasn’t very far from the truth. The orbs are in fact a species of sea urchin called sea potatoes because of their shape. Other species of sea urchin have a lot of spikes and the sea potatoes look nothing like that.

Apparently, the sea potatoes are related to starfish and normally they have small spines although these ones didn’t have any. Here’s how they usually look like:

And here’s how the found urchins look like:

Luckily, the creatures are completely harmless but interestingly you can’t see too many of them on shore. The last time a similar event took place was in May 1995.

The sea potatoes are buried in the sand at a depth of 10-15 centimeters which is probably why the dog managed to dig them out so easily. Interestingly, the sea urchins come in separate sexes and those spines are actually being used to trap air so they don’t suffocate while buried.

Sea potatoes can be found in temperate seas in the West Pacific Ocean, the north Atlantic Ocean, around the Gulf of California, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. If you live close to the beaches in any of these locations you might have a chance of coming across some of these interesting creatures!

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Written by James Marduk


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