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Romanian teenager sold her virginity for 2.3 million Euros. Shocked parents threaten to disown her

The Internet is boiling. A Romanian teenager sold her virginity for 2.3 million Euros which roughly translates into £2 million. Aleexandra Khefren is on the verge of starting a potentially dangerous trend despite her parents’ threats to disown her.

The 18-year old girl from Bucharest claims she sold her virginity to a Hong Kong businessman. The transaction was performed through Cinderella Escorts, a Germany-based website that will take 20% of the bill (not bad at all if you ask me). According to Aleexandra, she is already in contact with the businessman and has booked a hotel. Cinderella Escorts staff will accompany her to the meeting, which will apparently take place in Germany.

Romanian teenager sold her virginity

In an interview with The Star, Aleexandra said: “I wanted to sell my virginity with Cinderella Escorts rather than giving it to a future friend who might have left me anyway.”. I think we can all see the logic in this, except that some of us who are still dreamers might consider the first sexual act should have nothing to do with logic.

However, the publicity this deal brought to Aleexandra, might be worth much more than what the anonymous businessman agreed to pay her.

Also, it appears the Romanian girl is becoming a role model for other girls. Since Khefren’s deal announced she wants to sell her virginity, more than 300 virgins have contacted Cinderella Escorts trying to do the same thing.

Despite her willingness to have sex for money, Alexaandra insists she’s not a prostitute. While not everyone can agree with that, we can surely agree she will be one of the richest prostitutes and she only needs to work a day in her life for that to happen.

Kefren attended to a video interview with This Morning last year and claimed she is doing this for her parents who are threatened to be evicted in February. However, it turns out this is not true and her family is actually doing pretty well compared to the average in Romania. Once can only assume that Aleexandra is doing this because she simply wants to and not because her parents are in financial distress.

Romanian teenager sold her virginity

Speaking of, her parents eventually found out about the deal and as expected, her cop father has threatened to disown her if she continues with the plan.

Mail Online was told by a family friend that Toni, Aleexandra’s father felt sickened by what she wants to do, and thinks she is being influenced by someone. Regardless of her parents’ despair, the girl doesn’t seem to back down. She also said she will use some of the money to go to college.

Watch the full interview with This Morning below:


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