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14 Real life Matrix glitches that will make you question your existence

Real life Matrix glitches

If you ever watched The Matrix (and if you haven’t then you totally should) you probably couldn’t help yourself wonder if our so-called reality is actually real or simulated. I bet you’ve seen some real life Matrix glitches yourself, but we have some that will really blow your mind.

Just like the Matrix in the same-named movie, these real life Matrix glitches make it hard not to at least consider the possibility we’re all just pieces of code and they’re are actually bugs, not some freaky coincidences. A scary thought, right?

Same hair…..same everything

glitches in the matrix

Organized baldness

Doppelganger fiesta

Real life Matrix glitches

Curly hair gone wild

EXACTLY the same, hideous outfit

Same outfit again, but not that hideous

Double vision

The glitch that escaped prison

glitches in the matrix

Pink, green, man, lady (not necessarily in that order)

Plaid shirt x 3

Same clothes, same bag, same cane

OK….this is just too much

It’s the hair OR the shirt

Too many glitches in a single photo

Real life Matrix glitches

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Written by Lizzy Wilson


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