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Photos that prove people in Dubai are way too rich

Do you think you’re poor because you’re struggling to pay your mortgage fees? Tell that to the homeless guy you pass by every day on your way to work. It seems that being rich is relative up to a certain point. The point in which being rich is simply a fact is if you’re a millionaire or billionaire living in Dubai. And if you’re having a hard time accepting the fact people in Dubai are way too rich, we have the photos that prove it.

From diamond encrusted cars and keeping tigers as pets to robot driven camels and gold ATMs, if you have too much cash to spend, Dubai is the place to go. Just don’t forget to be generous – don’t spend all that money alone, take some friends with you!

Now that is one sweet ride!

people in Dubai are way too rich

Riding ponies is not a thing in Dubai. Tigers run much faster

rich people in Dubai

Who said tigers are not suitable to keep as pets was obviously wrong and certainly not rich enough

people in Dubai have too much money

The police car fleet in Dubai has Lamborghinis and other luxury cars

It seems that law officers in Dubai are playing Need For Speed in real life

Dubai has the largest shopping mall on the planet. I wouldn’t be surprised if you could see it from the Moon

And the tallest building in the world. The Burj Khalifa stands at over 2,700 feet (828 meters)

They also have the lavish Atlantis hotel, built onto a man-made island

In fact, they have two sets of artificial islands and one of them looks like the world map

The Miracle Garden is the largest garden in the world

In Dubai, you can play tennis in the sky unless you’re afraid of heights, of course

And ski on any day

And watch robot-driven camel races

Even the thieves are filthy rich in Dubai

You’ve probably never seen a car graveyard with such expensive cars

Being stuck in Dubai’s traffic looks more like a car parade

Golden cars are also a thing in Dubai. A very common one actually

Even public transportation looks out of this world

When you’re short on gold just use this ATM

Even bar games are ridiculously luxurious

In Dubai, having a regular cat as a pet is not normal. Not normal at all….

And you can eat a dessert that costs more than its calories. This golden cupcake costs over $1,200. It seems like a good way to practice mindful eating

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Written by Lizzy Wilson


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