The one way to fix a water-damaged phone (that actually works!)

If you’ve never dropped your smartphone in water, you must be a really careful (or lucky) person. But even if it hasn’t happened yet, it doesn’t mean it can’t at some point. That’s why you should learn how to fix a water-damaged phone and be prepared if it happens.

I’m sure you’ve probably heard of the old rice trick – you were supposed to have the phone completely covered in rice (or even dried oats) as rice is pretty good at sucking moisture and in this case….drying out the insides of your smartphone.

fix a water-damaged phone

But there’s a much more efficient way to fix a water-damaged phone and it doesn’t employ rice. Instead….you’ll be using something that might seem unusual: kitty litter. But not just any kind. We’re talking about synthetic “crystal” kitty litter that’s made of one ingredient: silica gel. In fact, you should check the label to make sure that’s what it’s made of before purchasing it.

How to fix a water-damaged phone

Silica gel is a powerful dehydrator and you might have already seen it in small packets that are being shipped with new sneakers and electronic devices.

Usually, severe water damage voids your phone warranty so it’s certainly worth giving this method a try before you empty your pockets buying a replacement.

Step 1 – Open and air-dry your phone for 24 hours

Depending on your model you should either just unscrew the case or also remove the battery if that’s possible. Then just let it air-dry for a day. It might be a test of patience but you shouldn’t attempt to turn the device on during this time.

Step 2 – Submerge your phone in crystal kitty litter

fix smartphone water damage

Once it has air-dried for 24 hours, fill a container or a sealable bag with crystal kitty litter, place the smartphone inside it (opened just like you left it to air-dry) and add some more on top of the device. It should be completely covered with the stuff. Now you will need to show even more patience. The device should be left in kitty litter for 24 to 48 hours. Removing it from the container or turning it back on during that time is completely out of the question.

Step 3 – Try to turn the device back on

I know this has taken 2-3 days but now you can finally attempt to turn your phone on. Put its pieces back together and turn it on. If the damage wasn’t too severe, your phone should be functional again. And even if it doesn’t work, at least you have peace of mind knowing you tried everything in your power to fix it.

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Written by James Marduk


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