Next level Photoshop trolls

James Fridman is famous for his Photoshop trolls. Despite the fact he always takes things too far, it doesn’t seem to make people stop sending him Photoshop requests.

Whatever you ask of the guy, he will make it work in his own way which you couldn’t have possibly imagined. So don’t count on James Fridman if you want a slimmer waist, whiter teeth or your dark circles removed. That just ain’t gonna happen.

Here are some of his most awesome Photoshop trolls – we just can’t feel sorry for his ‘victims’. They were asking for it.

I mean….you have to be more specific!

That’s pretty accurate

He fought the goose alright

Well that was cold

Nicely done

The toughest of them all

That’s a lot of people!

A near death experience

Come back tomorrow

She’s in for a ride

He never saw it coming

Cats will really dig this guy

That was harsh

Done and done

Not awkward at all…

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Written by Lizzy Wilson


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