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15 Haircut fails you’ll be glad are not on your head

Was your hairstylist overzealous when she was trimming your bangs or she/he cut two extra inches from your long, shiny locks? These are not haircut fails…they’re just minor blunders. And you don’t need to trust me on that. Just take a look at the pics below.

These haircut fails will give you spine chills and make you feel really good about your own hairstyle even if you previously thought it wasn’t A+. Some people are really taking it to the next level!

I can’t find one good reason why someone would actually want to do this

This kid’s bad hair day will probably last a couple of months
haircut failsA terrible spin on the classic bob
He sure seems ready to break a few hearts
haircut fails
Clearly, she doesn’t understand layers
At least it covers the bald spot
terrible haircutsNo one can look at this with a straight face
We totally get why he’s crying
Not where the


should be
haircut failsHow to use hair gel and get more volume
OK, this is totally creepy
The bangs that give us nightmares
This guy clearly loves pineapples way too much
There are no words to describe this hairstyle


gone wild

What was your worst haircut fail and did you get nicknamed from it?

What do you think?

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Written by Lizzy Wilson


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