This Donald Trump version of the troll doll is everything

With so many toys on the market, troll dolls might not be the biggest thing right now, but there’s one in particular that sets itself apart. Unlike the original troll dolls created in the ’60s this one is a Donald Trump version of the troll doll.

An ex-Walt Disney Sculptor named Chuck Williams created it, but it looks like it wasn’t just for fun. The artist is serious about getting the Donal Trump version of the troll doll into mass production as he registered his project on Kickstarter. Interestingly, the doll is also holding a smartphone in one hand – rumors suggest its purpose would be to call Russia and send angry tweets which seems totally reasonable.

Donald Trump version of the troll doll

The original goal of the Kickstarter project was $38,000 but it managed to rack up over $262,000 so let’s just say people really want a Donald Trump troll doll to call their own. Those who dislike Trump consider the doll highly appropriate since the President has repeatedly been labeled as an “Internet troll’ because of his controversial tweets.

Donald Trump version of the troll doll

Williams was surprised to see the doll get such a good public response. The bad news is, the Kickstarter project has been halted and is now subject of an intellectual property dispute. Hopefully, Williams can manage to solve the problem.  Otherwise, no one is going to get the chance to buy a Donald Trump troll doll.

Do you like the Donald Trump version of the troll doll and would you buy it?

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Written by Lizzy Wilson

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