21 Dads doing dad-like things

Dads are fun, dads are practical……dads doing dad-like things sometimes take things a bit too far. I’m sure you can relate. When they’re proud of you, they’ll go out of their way to show that to everyone. When you need some help, they’ll give a lot more of it than you asked for and no one can make jokes that are both stupid and funny at the same time like they do.

These dads are also doing what they know best and they’re doing it like pros.

Dad has a solution for everything

Dad playing as himself

No one can #sarcasm like dad

When dad thinks he’s a wise guy

Dads doing dad-like things

The dad that’s still stuck in the ’90s

Dads doing dad-like things

When dad hangs better than you can

Dad’s dreams…

The boyfriend got off easy

Dads doing dad-like things

Dads always gather in style

Dad always takes safety precautions

Dads are amazing at taking glamour shots

Dads never forget to appreciate themselves

Bath time with dad is always fun

Dads are also great at taking selfies at the wrong moment

Dads doing dad-like things

When dad starts abusing Internet slang

Dads always come up with the best gift ideas

When dad loves the dog just as much as his kids

When dad can’t say no

Dads always follow the recipe….strictly

Dads also need to eat on occasion

Dads doing dad-like things

And they’re really great at delivering health news

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Written by Lizzy Wilson


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