This Dad Tricked His Wife Into Thinking That He’d Ruined Their Son’s Hair

I’m not huge into being a prankster myself, which makes me one of the easiest targets anyone happens to know. I do, however, happen to know a good prank when I see it – They generally take months of planning, a lot of effort, and practicing the ability to keep a straight face throughout the duration (because of course, a good prank lasts much longer than five minutes). I’ve also found it true that if someone is capable of pulling off a good prank without a hitch, they’re also the person that you want to have help you plan a surprise party for someone you love; their creativity is second to none.

So, how can you tell whether or not you’ve managed to pull off a good prank? Now, I’m no expert or anything but I think that a good rule of thumb is if your ‘target’ thinks that they’re losing their mind and/or wants to kill you when it’s over, you’ve probably done a pretty good job.

This is exactly what happened when this dad and husband took his wife on an emotional roller coaster ride while she was at work

He made her believe that their son had gotten a hold of the clippers and cut his own hair….Right before they’re supposed to go and get pictures taken!

Here’s their exchange:

With any luck, she’ll cool off enough to not kill him before she gets home. Something tells me that she’s going to get him back somehow, some way, some day though.

What’s the best prank that’s ever been pulled on you? If you’re the prankster in your family, what’s the best one you’ve ever pulled?

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Written by Shanda de Vries


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