Amazing and funny lookalikes of Hollywood celebs

A (hopefully) female version of The Joker is calmly riding the bus

The Joker

Vin Diesel’s brother from another mother (or test tube)

Vin Diesel

Everything except the metal claws


Eminem on stilettos, not such a pretty sight


Cloning Scarlett Johansson is not that easy

Scarlett Johansson

Spiderman wannabe (the effort counts tough)


Iron Man’s suit is what makes all the difference

Robert Downey Jr

Russian Obama, a true paradox


The 3-day beard look gone wrong

Johnny Depp

Proof no one else can become Bjork


That old lady doesn’t have a clue who’s behind her

Captain America

Jeremy Clarkson (Top Gear) may have a twin sister

Jeremy Clarkson

Jason Statham would never drive that

Jason Statham

Not a doppelganger, everyone knows Chuck Norris is omnipresent

Chuck Norris

The blissful version of Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson

Dolph Lundgren in genuine hobo style

Dolph Lundgren

No version of Harrison Ford should be allowed to become homeless

Harrison Ford

A slightly disturbing Milla Jovovich look-alike

Milla Jovovich

Just like DiCaprio, but with worse taste in booze

Leonardo DiCaprio

How Thor would look in his PJs, before coffee


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Written by Lizzy Wilson


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