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She covers her face with baby powder and dips it in ice water for flawless makeup

Don’t you just love that cold splash of water on your face first thing in the morning? Of course, you don’t….no one does. But it sure wakes you up instantly so at least it works. Rumors are Joan Crawford, the renowned American actress used to dip her face in icy water which would minimize the pores and keep her skin looking young.

Apparently, dipping your face in ice cold water can also be used to give your makeup a flawless finish and has turned into a Korean beauty trend that’s going global as we speak.

Nicole Skyes is a popular vlogger that had the courage to test the method to find out if it really works as advertised. Here’s how this works.

Go through your regular makeup routine, foundation, lipstick and eye makeup included. Then, cover your face with a generous amount of baby powder. This is the point where things get a bit messy so be careful what you’re wearing when doing this.

flawless makeup

Now, dip your face in a bowl of freezing cold water. Then, you will need to lightly pat (no rubbing) your face with a clean towel to dry it. There should be almost no makeup residue (if any) on the towel after this operation.

So this is how it’s done. If you’re wondering about the results, take a look at Nicole’s video below:

Have you tried this beauty hack and did it work for you? How long this the makeup last intact afterward?

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Written by Lizzy Wilson


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