How to bring dying flowers back to life

A flower bouquet (or maybe more) can really bring a home to life and make it feel much more welcoming. If you see your flowers wilting away too soon (or even right after you’ve bought them) worry not as there is still time to revive them. In fact it’s actually easy to bring dying flowers back to life – you just need to know what to do.

As you might already suspect, in some situations, simply placing the flowers into a vase with water is not enough. If the flowers start to wilt in water it’s probably because they are unable to draw enough H2O.

How to bring dying flowers back to life

This can happen when the stems are dry so you will need to recut them. Ideally, the cut should be angled so the flowers have a bigger surface through which they can draw water. You can even take it one step further and split the step about an inch using a sharp knife or a pair of scissors.

bring dying flowers back to life

Another simple thing you can do is to use lukewarm water – just make sure it’s only slightly warm….just above room temperature. Warm water goes up the stem faster so it can certainly help reviving flowers that look like they need to get into the E.R. right away.

You could also make a simple “flower food”. Add a teaspoon of bleach (yes, the one you use for your laundry and household cleaning), 1-2 teaspoons of lemon or lime juice, and one teaspoon of sugar in a quart of water. This solution not only travels faster up the stem, it also feed the flowers helping them perk up.

Once you’ve done at least a few things of the above, you will need to wait for a couple of hours. Give your lovely flowers enough time to drink some water and straighten up.

Also, don’t think that your job is done. You might need to repeat at least recutting the stems every 2-3 days and also make sure there are no rotting ends in the water as that can kill flowers really fast.

Emergency tip: if your flowers are in a critical state and look like they could have used some love since yesterday, you can try placing them in a large bowl or a bucket of room temperature water for 30 minutes to an hour. This will help the flowers drink some water super fast. Unless they’re completely dead, they should revive after an hour but you can try leaving them in water for longer, even overnight.

Once that’s done, you will still need to do all of the above if you want them to last.

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