Beliebe It Or Not: 46 Interesting Facts About Justin Beiber

Justin Beiber – The Canadian performer/musician who took the world by storm a few years ago – has been around for quite some time now. Born in 1994, he was discovered as a teen and thrown into the spotlight almost immediately. We’ve heard a lot of good and bad things about the singer over the years; it’s hard to tell fact from fiction.

We’ve done all of the searching and filtering for you – Here are 46 facts about Justin Beiber that even the most committed Beliebers might not know.

He Speaks French

Justin was born in a small town in Ontario (where French is offered in schools but isn’t mandatory). His mother enrolled him in a French immersion school (where only French is spoken) and her plan worked flawlessly – He can speak French fluently!

He Can Play A Variety Of Instruments

A lot of Justin’s music is produced with synthetic sounds, but the musician can, indeed, play a wide variety of musical instruments. He received his very first set of drums when he was only two, but didn’t learn to play them until he was four; he also plays guitar, piano, and trumpet.

Runner-up to Riches

Stratford, ON is known for its arts scene, so it’s no surprise that Justin participated in his share of talent shows while he was growing up. When he was only twelve, he put together a rendition of ‘So Sick’ by Neyo and placed 2nd in one of these talent shows. Obviously being runner-up didn’t do him any harm.

From YouTube Star to Star on YouTube

Justin’s mom knew that her son had talent from a very early age, so she decided to record videos of him singing and put them up on YouTube so that their family could watch that talent develop. A lot of other people – complete strangers, even – saw the talent as well and, before, long, he was a YouTube sensation! Scooter Braun picked up on him shortly thereafter and became his manager.

Usher Didn’t Want Anything To Do With Him At First

Beiber’s manager flew him out to Atlanta at the beginning of his career so that he could meet with some studio executives. On this trip, Justin – only 13-years-old at the time) ran into Usher in the parking lot and asked if he could perform for him. Usher – a diva in his own respect – decided that he had better things to do that day; he didn”t change his mind until after watching videos of the small town Canadian kid performing (presumably on YouTube).

He Spends More On His Hair Than Most People Pay In Rent

Remember when the Beibs had that side-swept hairdo that made all the tween girls scream? Apparently, the maintenance of that cut cost him roughly $750.00 every two weeks – That’s about $18,000.00 per year on his hair.

He’s A Great Big Softy

Justin told Seventeen magazine that one of his secrets is that he loves watching the movie The Notebook. Later – in a completely unrelated interview – he told James Corbin that he cried when he watched it. So the next time you’re watching that movie and you begin to feel the tears welling up in the corners of your eyes, take comfort in knowing that Justin Beiber feels your pain.

Never Say Never

Justin Beiber’s documentary/concert film. titled Justin Beiber: Never Say Never, is the highest-grossing film of that type of all time. It grossed more than $73 million dollars and took over Michael Jackson for the top spot. The film shows what Justin’s rise to fame looked like.

He’s No Dummy

Because he was busy touring the world, making documentaries, and recording, Justin Beiber didn’t exactly have a normal high school experience. However, it seems that he did realize just how important getting a decent education is – In an interview with Martha Stewart, he said that he managed to finish his secondary school education with a 4.0 GPA.

He Was Almost Signed By Justin Timberlake

Remember how we said that Usher initially turned Beiber down in that parking lot? Well, a week later he had a meeting with Justin Timberlake. By then, it seems that Usher had taken some time to listen to some of those YouTube videos – It turned into a label bidding war for the Canadian teen which, obviously, Usher eventually won.

But There Are No Hurt Feelings

Later on, the two Justin’s ran into each other at a taping of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Beiber thanked Timberlake for his kind words, to which Timberlake replied, “Keep up the good work, lil’ bro.” Looks like there’s enough room in the industry for them both, so why should they squabble?

He’s Tried His Hand At Acting

In 2010, the Beibs landed a guest spot on CSI playing a troubled teen. He wasn’t on it for very long (his character ended up getting killed off in the second episode by a gunshot), but he said that he really enjoyed the experience.

He Almost Beat Out Katy Perry

In Twitter followers, anyway. In 2016, he came in second to the pop princess on Twitter with his 90.2 million followers; at the time, she had 94.5 million. Once you get into those numbers, the differences are pretty negligible.

He’s Still Killing The Music Scene

Katy Perry might have him beat when it comes to Twitter followers, but Justin reigns supreme when it comes to the top charts. Sorry ended up at the top of Vevo’s list of most popular videos for 2016 and was joined by two more of his hits (numbers five and six, respectively).

He Has Many Celebrities Rooting For Him

Growing up in the limelight is bound to eventually cause issues; luckily, Justin has plenty of A-list celebrities to lean on. Will Smith might just be the most solid of them all – During a particularly rough period for the Beibs, Will was compelled to drive to the young stars house and drag him out of bed for a chat that lasted no less than three hours. Since that incident, it’s been reported that the two chat weekly; Smith giving him advice and encouragement.

He’s Paid An Obscene Amount To Stay Out Of Trouble

Since becoming a popular name, Justin has gotten himself into a fair amount of trouble through the years. So much, in fact, that according to an episode of CNBC’s The Filthy Rich Guide, he’s paid at least $141, 600 in “swagger tax” to stay out of jail. How sorry are you now, Justin?

He Once Had A Monkey As A Pet

Someone once gave Justin a monkey as a gift; instead of doing the right thing and finding a proper home for it, he decided to keep it around as a pet. He then took his new ‘pet’ to Germany with him with no documentation where they were held up by the German Customs Office and quarantined for safety. They gave him a deadline to provide them with the documents needed; he missed it, and the monkey ended up being released to a zoo.

He’s The Star Of A Japanese Banking Commercial

Recently, Justin co-starred in a Softbank (a Tokyo-based telecommunications company) commercial with YouTube icon Piko-Taro. The commercial encourages students to sign a contract with the company; it hasn’t hit the airwaves outside of Japan, yet, but you can catch it on Beiber’s YouTube channel if you’re curious.

He Loved Telling Us All What He Does In His Calvins

Calvin Klein did a Spring 16 campaign in which a whole bunch of celebrities told us what they do in their Calvins. So what does Justin do in his? If you go by his Instagram, he ‘flaunts’ in ’em.

He Appreciates His Family

A few years ago (2013), Justin bought his father and half-siblings a five-bedroom house for the hefty sum of $850,000.00. The singer has always been close to his father, so he wanted to make sure that that side of his family had a nice, safe place to live.

He Knows His Way Around A Rubik’s Cube

It’s been more than four decades since the Rubik’s Cube made its debut and started stumping people everywhere. Apparently, our Canadian-born superstar can solve one in less than two minutes.

He’s Not Always A Diva

In 2013, Beiber was slated to perform in Salt Lake City, Utah; he delayed the start of that show and people started to lose their minds. They likely all felt guilty once they figured out why he delayed it – He was singing ‘Baby’ to a girl who was too sick to make the performance. And just in case that wasn’t enough for her, he also gave her his guitar pick.

‘Beliber’ Is A Legitimate Word

Not only has the word ‘belieber’ been included in various dictionaries since 2010 – it was also voted one of the best words of the year that year!

He Has Auctioned Off His Hair On Ebay

After Justin hacked off his signature hairstyle in 2011, he went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and gave the host a lock of his hair to auction off on one condition – The proceeds from the sale were to go toward a charity of his choosing. When all was said and done, an animal rights group called “The Gentle Barn Foundation” was $40, 668.00 richer and some random person is now the proud owner of Justin’s hair.

He Loves Going To Disneyland

Who doesn’t love visiting the self-proclaimed “happiest place on earth”?

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Written by Shanda de Vries


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