These baby oil hacks might surprise you but they’re totally brilliant!

Baby oil is a staple for any family that has a young child. It’s excellent for taking care of a child’s sensitive skin and even moms use it as a moisturizer. But did you know there are plenty of alternative uses for baby oil? I can guarantee these baby oil hacks are going to surprise you!

We’ve had baby oil since the 1930’s so let’s just say humanity has had plenty of time to figure out other ways to use it instead of moisturizing a baby’s bottom. Now let’s see….

Painless Band-Aid removal

baby oil hacks

Apply a few drops of baby oil onto your Band-Aid and leave it for about an hour. Then, you’ll be able to remove it with ease and more importantly, without pain!

Get rid of gum stuck in your hair

alternative uses for baby oil

Instead of cutting a chunk of your hair to remove a stuck piece of gum, soak that strand in baby oil, leave it for an hour then slowly get the gum out. Easy-peasy, right?

Remove paint from your skin

baby oil hacks

In most cases, paint doesn’t come off skin very easily but not if you rub some baby oil on it then wash it with soap. Just watch it magically dissapear!

Protect exposed skin

cosmetic uses for baby oil

The cold season can be harsh on the exposed skin. Use baby oil as a moisturizer to prevent your skin from getting dry and even against frostbites.

Untangle jewelry

use baby oil to untangle jewelry

Use baby oil to make tangled jewelry slippery and easily remove the knots.

DIY lip scrub

Mix half a teaspoon of plain sugar with one teaspoon of baby oil then gently massage it on your lips to make them look velvety soft.

Use baby oil to shave your legs

Shave your legs using baby oil instead of shaving cream to prevent cuts and bleeds. You also won’t need to moisturize after.

Remove temporary tattoos

Apply baby oil on a cloth and rub your tattoo to easily remove it.

Unstick zippers

There’s nothing more annoying than a stuck zipper. Just apply a few drops of baby oil and watch it slide.

No more squeaky door hinges

Coat your squeaky door hinges with baby oil to make them silent again.

What are your favorite baby oil hacks and do you know other good ones?

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Written by Lizzy Wilson


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