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7 Awesome video game facts you may not know

A lot of work goes into making a video game successful and while this type of entertainment is completely virtual, it doesn’t mean it can’t affect the real world or the other way around. You’ll be surprised once you read these awesome video game facts and you’ll likely learn some interesting things about some of your favorite games.

Truth be told, any gamer has had some video games that influenced him as a person and even make him or her gain some new friends. The stuff you’re about to read has nothing to do with that, but it will make you see some of the games you loved playing in a completely different light.

1. Butterflies inspired the Pokémon game series

awesome video game facts

When Satoshi Tajiri, the creator of the Pokémon was collecting caterpillars as a child and watching them turn into butterflies. This transformation gave him the idea for the popular game.

2. Lara Croft got big boobs by accident

Ever since TombRaider was first launched in 1996, Lara Croft became famous for her curvy figure. It turns out, the developers were tinkering with her model and planned to make her breasts bigger by 50% but they accidentally increased them by 150%. Accident or not, Lara got stuck with those huge boobs and I’m sure the male gamers didn’t mind.

3. Gandhi was so aggressive in Civilization because of a bug

awesome video game facts

Gandhi is usually associated with peace and balance but that’s not how he behaved in the original Civilization game. He seemed pretty eager to drop nukes and it was all because of a bug. his aggression rating was set by developers at the lowers score of 1. But when players were selecting democracy, that would drop aggression by 2 points. Nevertheless, the game’s code couldn’t handle negative numbers so instead of setting the aggression to -1, it went to the next available number which was the highest possible rating of 255. That’s hilarious since most aggressive leaders have an aggression rating of 10.

The Civilization team did fix Gandhi’s aggression in later games but they considered his past behavior funny so they kept his nuke rating high.

4. Mass Effect 3’s Reaper roar was made by a trash can

cool video game facts

The sound effects in movies and games are made using items you would never expect. The reaper sound from the well-known battle in Mass Effect 3 was made by repeatedly opening and closing a bear-proof trash can. Awesome, right?

5. One of the bugs in World of Warcraft became a model for real-world epidemic research

When World of Warcraft was still in its infancy, players started to take a contagious debuff that was draining hit points called Corrupted Blood. The spell was intended to last just a few seconds and work only in the instance area but the bug caused it to spread and even affect minions and pets.

Many players starting to have fun with the debuff, spreading the infection and killing low-level players. Obviously, Blizzard worked hard and managed to fix the bug but the way this virtual infection has spread caused epidemiologists to consider World of Warcraft as an advanced platform for modeling epidemic research.

6. A copy of Starcraft traveled to space

The discovery for Shuttle mission STS-96 that took place on May 27, 1999 was the first shuttle flight to dock at the ISS (Internation Space Station). It looks like Mission Specialist Daniel T. Barry grabbed the first copy of Starcraft which was his favorite game aboard the shuttle. The Starcraft game CD traveled about 3.5 million nautical miles and orbited our planet 153 times (impressive, right?). Now, it has a place of honor at Blizzard’s headquarters.

7. The highest attainable Pac-Man score is 3,333,360  points

incredible video game facts

Achieving this score is known as the perfect game. This means zero mistakes – you would need to eat everything that can be eaten while not losing any lives in the first 255 levels, then use all extra lives in level 256 to maximize the score.

Think this is impossible? Not quite. Billy Mitchell was the first player to get the perfect PacMan score in 1999 after 6 hours of play. Since then, more than 20 people have done it but the world record is currently being held by David Race at 3 hours, 28 minutes and 49 seconds in 2013.

Liked our awesome video game facts? Share them with your gamer friends and comment below if you know other cool ones!

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Written by Lizzy Wilson


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