Animals that look like celebrities (Or is it the other way around?)

OK, so we have celebrities that look like other celebrities and random people that look like celebrities. But we also have animals that look like celebrities. Yes….apparently there are also cross-species similarities and you can have an animal doppelganger instead of a human one.

I’m sure we can all agree all the famous people in the pics below should have their animal lookalike as their pet. That would be way too awesome!

Monkey and Adrien Brody

stars that look like animals

Monkey and Britney Spears (this one really hurts)

Sid from Ice Age and Drake (this one’s hilarious)

Dog and Richard Branson (that hair though….)

animals that look like famous people

(Yet another) monkey and Howard Folderer

Sloth and Justin Bieber (ha!)

Boxer and Ron Perlman (nailed it)

Llama and Paris Hilton (points for the llama because she doesn’t have a stylist)

Animals that look like celebrities

Ostrich and Mr.Bean (yep…spot on!)

Freakin’ awesome cat and Anderson Cooper

celebrity animal lookalikes

An even more awesome cat and Emma Stone

Monkey and Clint Eastwood (we couldn’t ask for more)

Alpaca and Tailor Lautner (squinting like pros)

Llama and Rihanna (that hairstyle never gets old)

Totally lovable cat and Charlie Chaplin

Animals that look like celebrities

Ostrich and Anne Hathaway (with the same gentle gaze)

Animals that look like celebrities

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Written by Lizzy Wilson


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