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9 Revolutionary inventions that belong in the trash can

Truly useful inventions are born from real needs, and sometimes such discoveries can be complete accidents. However, in other instances you’ll see these hilarious invention fails that were either a combination of a good idea and poor implementation, a bad idea turned into an awesome (but useless) gadget or a dumb idea used for a contraption that will leave you speechless.

None of the designs we’re going to show you have any real use, but you have to appreciate the uniqueness of these ideas. Who in the world would need an appliance to chop toilet paper?

Your IQ may drop slightly as you’re viewing these inventions but we assure you the effect is temporary.

This is how you keep your tires clean (fo’ real)

Invention fails 1

And when the paper roll ends you take that tiny bike on your shoulders and keep it germ-free…OKAY?

Effortless house cleaning

Invention fails 2

It would have been nice to see how she cleans the corners.

When it’s too damn hard to tear that ‘tough’ toilet paper

Invention fails 3

Leave that thing on for too long and it will soon be chopping through the closet in the neighboring room.

We call this ‘The Undoer’

Invention fails 4

How useless can this be? Regardless, we bet if you’d spend some time fighting the gadget.

Pretty sure that’s not how it’s supposed to work

Invention fails 5

This is a toilet seat cleaning machine, one invention that’s actually used in many public restrooms. However…..not like this !

Never go hungry while you’re running

Invention fails 6

This wearable tomato dispenser created by a Japanese company will keep you fueled up during your marathons. Why breathe when you can eat tomatoes instead ?

This jetpack will literally get you nowhere

Invetntion fails 7

Jetpacks are awesome, unless they work as well as this one.

Robot strippers

Invention fails 8

You’ll know they’re getting dirty when oil starts to leak.

The ‘Flintstone’ bike

Invention fails 9

Be prepared to burn through a lot of sneakers or go barefoot like Fred if you’re on a budget.

The self-spinning fork


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Written by James Marduk


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