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5 Myths about orgasms everyone should stop believing

When it comes to myths about orgasms, it seems like most of them refer to women. It looks like the male orgasm is less surrounded in mystery, although this can be a misconception too.

However, it is true that in general, it’s trickier for women to climax than it is for men. And we can only assume a lot of these myths were born as men attempted to discover the secrets of successfully pleasuring women. Of course, having sex is more than just about reaching orgasm – the journey itself also matters (sometimes the most).

Nevertheless, these myths about orgasms are completely false and if you stop believing in them your sexual experiences will likely improve!

1. Women can easily orgasm

Myths about orgasms

Maybe in porn movies, but in real life it’s certainly not that simple. Besides the fact that a woman may need up to 20 minutes to reach orgasm, about 10% of them never get this experience. Ever.

And even for ones who can orgasm, it doesn’t happen all the time. Actually, this happens about 50-70% of the time which of course, doesn’t mean the sex was bad.

2. You can tell when a woman is faking it

female orgasm myths

I’m sure most men are confident none of their female partners have ever faked an orgasm but psychologists at Columbia University discovered 54% women admitted to having faked it from a survey with 450 participants. Some say women fake orgasms just to feed men’s egos although there surely must be other reasons, such as simply not hurting their partner’s feelings among others.

3. Sex wasn’t enjoyable because she didn’t orgasm

misconceptions about orgasms

Sex without orgasm is not necessarily bad for a woman. If she didn’t reach climax it doesn’t mean the act itself didn’t bring her pleasure. And sometimes sex is about connecting with your partner. Humans are supposed to be evolved beings, right?

4. Men always ejaculate when they reach orgasm

myths about male orgasm

While it might seem surprising this is not true, although not very common either. An ejaculate-free orgasm is also called a “dry orgasm” and younger men are more prone to it. Medical Daily says one of the most common causes is excessive masturbation because the fluids have a lower volume.

5. Orgasm is strictly caused by sex and other erotic experiences

women can orgasm while working out

It’s true most orgasms happen during sex, masturbation or have another type of erotic background, but not all of them. For example, women can reach orgasm by simply working out. According to Mid Day, the exercises that seem to be associated with orgasms most often are all core-focused but this can also happen by doing other activities such as yoga, cycling and running.

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Written by Lizzy Wilson


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