5 Musicians Who Were Rich Before They Even Started Recording

In most cases, rappers and other musicians start ‘from the bottom’ (aka nothing) and make their claim to fame as they rise up the rankings. Every once in a while though, one comes along that’s a little more than well-off long before they ever consider composing a beat.

Here are 10 musicians who were rich well before they started recording:


Let’s get the most popular name out of the way first, shall we? You likely know that Drizzy had a gig on the Canadian teenage drama Degrassi: The Next Generation (he played Jimmy, a basketball player with a future who ends up getting shot in the back in a hallway; he ends up paralyzed from the waist down).

Even if you don’t count his stint on Canadian TV though, Drake was already pretty set up as a kid – His father is a drummer who once worked with Jerry Lee Lewis and his mom was a florist. Now that you know that, try not to cringe every time someone references ‘started from the bottom’.


Remember back in 2011 when ‘Party Rock Anthem’ hit the clubs and radio stations and suddenly LMFAO was everywhere? Weird suits and giant neon sunglasses became a thing for a while. It was… interesting.

Anyway, Redfoo was already set for life long before he and his nephew started to bring EDM to the spotlight. He’s the son of Barry Gordy, the guy who founded Motown Records (and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1988). Motown sold their complete catalogue to Polygram for $330, 000, 000 in the 90s, so I think it’s safe to say that Redfoo could have lived very comfortably without the help of ‘Sorry for Party Rockin”

Jermaine Dupri

Now there’s a name I bet you haven’t heard in a while! This rapper was fairly popular among the hip hop crowd in the 90s; now he mostly sticks to producing. He’s been in the spotlight in one sense or another since an early age (starting out as a dancer when he was younger) since his father is Michael Mauldin, one of the executives of Columbia Records.

One upon a time, Mauldin was a talent manager. In 1982, he organized a show for Diana Ross in which Jermaine got up on stage and introduced himself to the world. I’m not saying that he should never have gotten into the music scene (after all, he’s scouted a ton of talent himself), but he most certainly didn’t need to.

The Alchemist

His real name is Alan Daniel Maman, and he’s been around for quite some time now. Usually, when you think of rappers, you think of less than perfect living conditions; this guy grew up in Beverly Hills and went to school with Angelina Jolie. Since his father is a dentist (to the stars I’m assuming because Beverly Hills), he had a pretty cushy upbringing.

Still, though, I guess it takes some guts to leave your cushy lifestyle and pursue a rap career, so there’s that. And obviously, the guy is amazing at what he does – He’s still one of the most sought-after producers in the game today.

Chet Haze

Maybe this one isn’t as popular as some of the others, but ‘Chet Haze’ – aka Chet Hanks, the son of movie star Tom Hanks – is kind of a rap star among the frat communities. His single ‘White and Purple (Northwestern Remis)’ wasn’t all that bad and actually ended up being quite a hit at NU  He recently admitted to being an addict and is working on staying clean.

While it may have helped him establish his own income, I doubt Chet would have ever had to go out and get a job.

Can you think of any other musicians (or people of any sort, for that matter) that didn’t have to record to make bank? Let us know below.

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Written by Shanda de Vries


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