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27 Clever words you won’t believe are real

I don’t think there’s another language as flexible and ever-expanding as English is. You can turn nouns into verbs and the other way around, you can easily reorder words in a sentence to give it a whole new meaning and don’t get me started on slang ! is a treasure of informal words and phrases that keep up with today’s trends. Here are some quirky words that will absolutely blow your mind and might help you express some things that otherwise would require a whole sentence.

1. He also goes by ’employer’ but doesn’t brag about it


2. That sad moment when you get ‘unfriended’ on Facebook


3. It’s the keyboard, not you


4. The wildcard (*)


5. Anyone with cell coverage


6. At least you’re there….


7. Face to face tweeting


8. We’ve all had it


9. What Instagram is all about


10. The thrill of waiting for replies


11. Well this one happens quite often


12. There must be a science to this


13. Your frenemy


14. When dad fixes the faucet


15. May cause heart attacks


16. Bread vs. bagels


17. Eureka fail


18. This can’t be happening too often, can it?


19. Something must be wrong with you if you don’t have it


20. A modern method of interrogation


21. Expensive nothingness


22. Because you can’t ‘unlearn’ it


23. Who was that guy anyway?


24. The ‘desktop’ of your house


25. The price for tech support from a friend


26. When you can’t remember how your best friend looks


27. Beats staying at home !


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Written by Lizzy Wilson


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