22 Designers who went out of their way to fail and succeeded

Talented designers make this world a better place, but then we have THE OTHER TEAM. Those designers who are having a bad day and decide to take it out on us, or just don’t care what everyone else thinks anymore.

Funny enough many of the designs ilustrated below are not just the designers’ fault. There where builders involved (as well as other people) in the decision making process and it looks like nobody bothered to question these ideas.

And make no mistake about it…..they are absolutely terrible !

1. This scissors that needs another scissors to get it

-Design fail-01

2. What? It covers the essential, doesn’t it?

-Design fail-02

3. The new reading order – up, down, up, down….

-Design fail-13

4. Camo golfball, you’ll spot it really quick in the grass

-Design fail-12

5. A classroom designer with a grudge on kids

-Design fail-11

6. This building WILL burn at some point

-Design fail-10

7. This window with a great view

-Design fail-09

8. And this one too….

-Design fail-08

9. This is how someone wanted to teach kids how long the small intestine is….not what you expected right?

-Design fail-07

10. The ‘T’ word got this karate instructor

-Design fail-06

11. This ‘million stairs’ carpet design that’s breaking a lot of legs

-Design fail-04

12. Because raised drains work so well

-Design fail-03

13. This (non) optimistic message

-Design fail-14

14. The ‘Scrabble’ approach clearly isn’t working

-Design fail-24

15. When there’s no more room to spell a word

-Design fail-23

16. A new basketball challenge…

-Design fail-22

17. The enthusiasm got the best of this designer

-Design fail-21

18. This headline, which is hopefully a mistake

-Design fail-19

19. How choosing the wrong font can turn you into a Ku Klux Klan member

-Design fail-18

20. This designer that has no idea who is who

-Design fail-17

21. Someone actually thought this could be helpful…

-Design fail-16

22. It looked OK in Photoshop, right?

-Design fail-15

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Written by James Marduk


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