200,000 people say “Amen” to an adult film thinking they are curing cancer

A photo of a scene from a porn movie was posted by a Facebook user on her profile at the end of 2016, explaining it was about her brother who had cancer in its final stages. Apparently, she managed to make 200,000 people say “Amen” to an adult film, thinking they were actually praying for the man.

The posted image was accompanied by a text that asked people to comment “Amen” to help with her brother’s treatment and 200,000 individuals foolishly complied with her request. The original text was in Spanish, but here’s the translation:

“My brother is dying in the hospital due to cancer. If you’re not ashamed of him, don’t scroll down without commenting amen and liking this. God can do anything.”

people say "Amen" to an adult film

The funny thing is, the photo she posted was a still from a porn movie. The man and woman shown in the pic are actors Johny Sins and Angelina Valentine. In the movie, she’s a nurse and he’s a terminally ill patient which still manages to get laid one last time.

Obviously, there are Facebook users who really know their porn, so the original poster eventually got caught. She received numerous reports from other users which forced her to delete the post.

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Written by Lizzy Wilson


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