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20 Funny moments when failure was the only option

Ever since phones started to come equipped with cameras fail pics abound, regardless if the ‘losers’ are animals, people or just objects. While it may seem a bit malicious to laugh at someone else’s blunders, you have to appreciate the humor of some of these pics.

And if we don’t laugh about them, then what should we do? Cry? Thanks, but no thanks.

Just remember, no one is fail-proof, and anyone of us can screw up at some point and get featured on /r/funny.

1. Let’s give him points for effort

Fail 01

2. When you can’t buy it, make your own

Fail 02

3. Yes, no one can get in now…

Fail 03

4. Each should cover his own, or else

Fail 04

5. When the ladder found a permanent home and decided to stay

Fail 05

6. The bride that wanted to show all men what they’ll be missing

Fail 06

7. The guys that never got balloons when they were kids

Fail 07

8. The drawers that were once ‘drawable’

Fail 08

9. There’s no way this could have ended well

Fail 09

10. You already know what the kid was screaming, right?

Fail 10

11. These tormented buns crying over the death of their happier sisters

Fail 11

12. The remarkable moment when you find out something new about yourself

Fail 12

13. When the bathroom tile fails to work as a fashion statement

Fail 13

14. Ouch, that was #nasty


15. The bride that wanted to be on her own feet and got an extra pair

Fail 15

16. Someone’s disturbing idea of what privacy means

Fail 16

17. When your dreams are the opposite of reality

Fail 17

18. The abstract crosswalk is a thing now

Fail 18

19. When swirls decided they just don’t care anymore

Fail 19

20. When parents prove they weren’t ready for this

Fail 20

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Written by Lizzy Wilson


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