16 Times people thought they met a celebrity but were clearly mistaken

Meeting a celebrity is something most people become very excited about, and perhaps the exaggerated enthusiasm can make any of us convince ourselves it’s Justin Bieber who just posed in a selfie with us, when in fact it was a total stranger.

In other cases, the resemblance is not even close…..we do recommend those people to get their eyes checked and buy a pair of glasses !

These people have taken normal folks for well known celebrities and if that’s not funny enough think how much fun it was for the impostors as all of them agreed to take pictures with their ‘victims’.

1. White dude, sun glasses, fur coat….it must be Macklemore!

Celeb impostors 01

2. Well that’s not Matthew McConaughey but at least he looks a bit like him

Celeb impostors 08

3. This guy almost got lucky and he must have had a lot of fun trying

Celeb impostors 07

4. (NOT) Orlando Bloom and (NOT) Christian Bale a with really blind guy

Celeb impostors 06

5. That’s Reese alright, but Withoutherspoon

Celeb impostors 05

6. Mistaking one celebrity for another (Mark Wahlberg didn’t feel the need to correct her though)

Celeb impostors 04

7. Are you kiddin’ me? She looks nothing like Taylor Swift

Celeb impostors 03

8. This ‘fake’ Johnny Depp is so tired of this stuff….it probably happens all the time !

Celeb impostors 02

9. Jake Gylenhaal is the coolest guy everr ! That’s cute, but no.

Celeb impostors 09

10. Not Dwight Howard, according to Dwight Howard

Celeb impostors 16

11. He may not be Hugh Jackman, but he’s sure having fun trying

Celeb impostors 15

12. Might wanna hold on for a while longer sweetie

Celeb impostors 14

13. This guy thought he saw George R. R. Martin in the same spot for two days in a row. Maybe in an alternate reality…

Celeb impostors 13

14. Pitbull – Any hispanic bald guy with large sunglasses

Celeb impostors 12

15. Obviously the dude is barely holding it, about to burst into laughter any moment…

Celeb impostors 11

16. He sure looks childish, but that’s about it

Celeb impostors 10

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Written by Lizzy Wilson


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