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15+ Creepy photos that prove cats are demons

Cats woo us with their playfulness and sassy behavior so we don’t get to notice they’re actually Satan’s minions on Earth. Come to think about it, it totally makes sense cats are demons. Us humans love them so much we usually don’t notice how they’re eagerly working for the Devil.

You might disagree and it’s totally understandable – you’re probably under the spell of the fluffy felines with their soft paws and sassy behavior. Nevertheless, I’m sure you’ll change your mind once you see these pics. They are definitive proof cats are demons!

Casually walking away from total destruction

cats are demons

My precioussss……!

cats are demons

Not anyone can enter the passage to hell

cats are demons

The portal is open now!

Worship ceremony in progress

cats are demons

Just a regular day plotting for world domination

Caught in the act of conjuring Satan

cats are demons

Devil’s offspring

A group of faithful minions waiting to be summoned

When you can’t fully control your powers

cats are demons

First I must lure the human with my cuteness

And watch his every move…..

Then strike when the time is right!

When you oversleep and kitty wants breakfast

The war has begun!

Sometimes the demon within reveals himself

When your own cat is out to get you

cats are demons

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Written by Lizzy Wilson


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