15 Crazy optical illusions that can successfully fool your mind

The human brain is incredibly complex and continuously adapts to help us understand our surroundings. Nevertheless, as versatile as it might be, it doesn’t work perfectly in all situations. These cleverly crafted optical illusions will trick your mind and surprise you!

Stare at the dots on the lady’s nose for 10 seconds then look at a light surface and blink fast. You will see her face in full color

A park in Paris has what looks like a huge 3D globe

optical illusions

When it’s actually 100% flat

Stare at the swirls below for 30 seconds then look at the Inception image below

Looking at the swirling will tire your eyes and animate still photos at they try to regain composure.

You might think the blue and yellow rectangles are always moving one after the other….


But on a solid background, you can see the rectangles are always parallel and move at the same speed. Those black bars were distorting your brain’s perception of movement.

What you think you’re seeing is one large cup and a smaller one on top of a cube


The reality is that the cube is a drawing laying flat on the table and the two cups are the exact same size.

Stare at the red nose of this negative girl for 30 seconds then look at the ceiling or aside to see her transform

This guy can animate a drawing with nothing but a black card

Source: Brusspup

This two-faced portrait was made by layering multiple photos on top of each other

There is nothing moving in this photo. Only your brain thinks it does….


Stare at the 4 dots in the center of the photo then look at the ceiling and blink quickly. You’re going to see a familiar face

jesus optical illusion

Stare at the left dancer to make the middle dancer spin clockwise and look at the right dancer to make the middle dancer spin counter-clockwise.

Yep….those two oranges are actually flat drawings

This might look like someone’s face….

awesome optical illusions

But if you look closer you will see it’s actually a couple kissing.

The water in Flathead lake is 370 feet deep but it appears to be shallow since it’s very clear

Simple but clever right?

crazy optical illusions

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Written by Lizzy Wilson


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