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14 Individuals that got banned for shocking reasons

People get banned from places for lots of stuff: public nudity, stalking, noise, shoplifting and so on. All of these reasons are some kind of inappropriate behavior, but if you think you’ve seen it all, we’re going to prove you wrong!

When you’re the only one laughing at your own jokes


Alternative uses for public libraries


The stuffed toys were not too fond of their new owner


Adults’ playground should be the bedroom


Who’s selling the sunrise then?


There’s a legal limit for happiness


Those coins were far too alluring


Her pale complexion made the staff think she is sick


She was throwing too much cleavage


She didn’t realize she was the best ‘cookie’


Extreme Facebook dissing


What the lack of bacon and cheese can do to someone


Late breastfeeding is what makes successful men


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Written by Lizzy Wilson


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