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13 Military Secrets The Government Doesn’t Want You To Know

There are plenty of military secrets that I’m sure we’re never going to have complete access to. These 13 things do not fall into that category.

Grand Central Station has a secret underground room

Grand Central Station is one of the most well known places in New York City, but there’s quite a lot of hidden places in the giant building that most of the general public doesn’t know about. For starters, there’s a secret bar and some tennis courts, but you’ll find those in the blueprints. What you won’t find in the blueprints is M42 – a top secret room/bunker that was first acknowledged in the 80s. The bunker is 22,000 square feet and is located ten floors down from the main area.

The president won’t use it anymore because we all know about it, but it’s definitely still there. Click here to learn more about the secrets of Grand Central Station.

Area 51

This is probably the most well known and speculated about mystery that the United States has to offer. While a lot of people believe that there are aliens hidden and/or living on the premises, experts say that the top secret Nevada base is more likely being used as a secret flying zone, which is precisely what it was used for in the 1960s – to test super secret spy planes.

Area 52?

A less known but still massive area in Nevada that the government holds claim to is The Dugway Proving Grounds. The area that they have blocked off is about the size of Rhode Island and is rumored to be a second Area 51 type of place, only instead of harvesting aliens it’s said that they’re using this place to test out chemical and biological warfare instead.

Project MK-ULTRA

This is, hands down, one of the most screwed up things the CIA has ever pulled. During the Cold War era, they pumped $20 million into Project MK-ULTRA – A project where they performed all kinds of mind controlling experiments on unknowing subjects (victims). They continuously dosed people with varying amounts of LSD in an effort to figure out how to make the perfect submissive soldier.

Area 6

Nevada is the place to be for super secret government operations, apparently; this place is located in the Yucca Flat. Apparently this is where the National Nuclear Security Administration projects take place, but very few people – including those in the defense department – know about its existence. It’s said that the purpose of the site is to test “unmanned aerial vehicles”, but little more than that is known.

Fake Terrorist Attacks

Back in the 1960s, the United States and Cuba weren’t exactly bosom buddies; the US government had a plan to destroy Castro and the rest of his regime by any means necessary, even if that meant committing acts of terrorism against its own people to start a war. They developed a scheme referred to as “Operation Northwoods” which was meant to trick the people of America into supporting a war against Cuba.

Thinking about taking out Castro with an explosive shell

I guess that the US eventually decided that blowing up their own people to start a war was a bad idea, so they came up with a new plan instead – The CIA planned to mask an explosive as a pretty seashell and plant it in one of Fidel Castro’s favorite diving spots. The shell would be distinct enough to catch his attention, but not so flashy as to tip him off. Theoretically he would pick up the shell to investigate it and be blown to smithereens; obviously it didn’t work.

The X-37 B

This aircraft was launched into orbit in 2010. We know that it’s about 29 feet long and fully robotic, but that’s about it. There are rumors that its purpose is to damage the spacecraft of other nations, but that hasn’t been confirmed.

The USS Jimmy Carter

This is another impressive piece of US military machinery that’s fairly super secret. The USS Jimmy Carter was launched for the first time in 2004; at the time, it was said to be involved in a secret mission to spy on North Korea. It has some fairly advanced technology on board and can apparently pick up conversations from other submarines.

We’re very likely being spied on

This data center – located in the middle of the desert in Utah – supposedly spies on everything we do while we’re on the internet and/or our phones. Its official name is the Intelligence Community Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative Data Center, and though they’re not quite upfront about what exactly they’re doing, their website states that “if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear”.

Well, I guess we know what Big Brother looks like now.

John Lennon was on a watch list

Even celebrities aren’t safe – John Lennon was put on the FBI’s watch list for making outspoken comments about the war because The Beatles singer was deemed a threat to national security. His visa was restricted and his wife and daughter had tabs kept on them as well. So much for the freedom of speech, huh?

The United States has a Pakistani army

Whether or not they’re still around now is unknown, but when the US was at war with the Middle East they did indeed help to fund and train a Pakistani Army so that they could keep some semblance of control. The secret agreement was worked out between the United States and Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence.

There are still secret Afghan prisons

The Obama administration came out in 2009 and publicly stated that they had officially eliminated all “Black Sites” or Afghan prisons. Two years later however, a journalist with the Associate Press published an article that revealed that wasn’t the case at all. In fact, Kimberly Dozier revealed that the Joint Special Operations Command was still hiding 20 prisons where Afghans were still being tortured by the guards.

Can you think of any other military secrets we missed?

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Written by Shanda de Vries


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