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12 Awesome childhood photo recreations you will love

Childhood photos make precious memories and while it’s not healthy to get too nostalgic about the early years of your life (after all life can be great at all ages), it’s nice to never forget them and still keep a bit of your child soul. Childhood photo recreations definitely prove people can still have fun like they did when they were kids.

Also, recreating childhood photos can show that time passing is not always a bad thing and that friends and family become even more precious as time goes by. Take a look at these awesome childhood photo recreations and see how cute kids can turn into beautiful grown-up people that have kept their sense of humor.

1. The same badass skateboarding skills

childhood photo recreations

2. These guys still love their shorts!

before and after growing up photos

3. Wannabe cop and actual cop

4. Taking a group bath is a bit more crowded now

5. Still sleeping like a baby

6. The love for pasta never gets old

7. We certainly agree with her attitude

8. Sometimes the shortest kid can grow into the tallest man

9. She still does the ice look perfectly

10. Mud can be fun even for grown-ups

11. The sleepy cat will always be sleepy

12. Some unconventional uses for french fries

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Written by James Marduk


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