10 Body recomposition examples from Instagramers that make the scale irrelevant

An individual’s weight is influenced by so many factors. Two people of the same height can have significantly different weights yet look similar because they likely have different bone densities, fat and muscle percentages, water retention, skeletal structure and so on. The same goes for when you’re trying to improve both your health and how you look. If you’re still obsessively weighing yourself check out these body recomposition examples from Instagramers that were generous to share their health & fitness journies with the rest of us.

Here’s the thing: muscle is a lot denser than fat. So losing 5 pounds of fat and gaining 5 pounds of muscle can make you look slimmer even though you have the same weight. This is also possible when gaining more muscle then the fat you’ve lost. And no…you won’t “bulk out”….even if you’re a woman.

The ladies in the pics below are the perfect body recomposition examples. There’s an insignificant weight difference between the before and after pictures. Some of them actually gained weight and ended up looking much better because that weight was muscle and not fat.

And you can be sure they weren’t obsessing over the scale – instead, they focused on their health and physical performance. As you can see….the results are amazing!

150 lbs – Same weight in both photos. Amazing, right?

She weighs 3 lbs more in the final pic. This is definitive proof that gaining muscle and losing fat is the healthiest way to transform your body

I had to get in a #transformationtuesday before my day gets hectic! 🙃 Whenever I post about food I get a lot of messages about how tall I am, what I weigh, how many calories I eat etc. 🤔 soo I want to just address it here and join in on the #screwthescale movement! 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽 I really don't weigh myself regularly and could not care less about that number, however I know my weight during these photos as they were taken during significant times in my fitness journey: LEFT is pre #bbg MIDDLE is halfway through round 1 and RIGHT is after one week of #macros ⚖️ (also there are 14 months between left and right) 🗓 SO, clearly the important change (physically) is body composition, not the number! 💪🏽 also as for my actual macro numbers, I don't want to share them because they are specific to me and I don't want anyone to emulate what I'm doing in case it's wrong for them ❤ if you're interested, I'd encourage you to have someone calculate them for you! I had mine calculated by the babe @paosfitworld 😍 xoxo 🖤 #bbgprogress #bbgprogresspic #bbgtransformation #bbgcommunity #bbggirls #fitspo #fitnessmotivation #transformation #macros #bbgsisters #fitness #workout #beforeandafter #fitgirls #fitnesstransformation

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The extra weight has done her body good

2014 vs. 2017 ❌ Damals dachte ich ausgiebige Cardio-Einheiten, verbunden mit einer Low Carb Ernährung wäre DIE Lösung um schlank zu sein. Außer frühs Porridge mit Proteinpulver gab es den restlichen Tag fast nichts was Kohlenhydrate hatte. Broko-Huhn und Magerquark mit Proteinpulver lässt grüßen 👋🏻. Heute wird mir schon ganz anders, wenn ich nur dran denke 😷🤐. Ich esse jetzt einfach das, was mir schmeckt und wo ich merke, dass es mir und meinem Körper gut damit geht. Wenn ich Lust auf was Süßes hab, esse ich was Süßes. Hab ich Lust auf gesundes Essen, esse ich gesundes Essen 😊. Versucht EUREN Weg zu finden, mit dem ihr euer ganzes Leben lang glücklich sein könnt! Ihr habt nichts davon, 2-3 Jahre eine Top-Form zu haben, aber euch dafür nur von Broko-Huhn und Quark ernährt zu haben ☝🏻️. Auf Dauer macht das nämlich alles andere als glücklich!

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This lady demonstrates that looking in the mirror is a far more accurate method of tracking your progress than weighing yourself

#TransformationTuesday 💪😇 February ⏭ April 🙌 – – – I truly believe that taking pictures is one of the most useful tools for tracking your progress. You see the pictures all the time of people weighing the exact same in 2 photos but looking COMPLETELY different. Pictures show you things that the scale can't. Fitting differently into clothes shows you things that the scale can't. Bottom line: the scale isn't the only measure of progress and there are so many ways you can access progress. – – – Personally, I truly do not realize how much progress I have made until I do a side by side like this. In February, I thought I was so making so much progress and was honestly so happy, and now seeing this I am ecstatic! If you stay consistent results will come! You may not notice the progress in the moment because you see yourself every single day, but take time to look back and acknowledge your accomplishments.❤ – – – MyFitnessPal: kearsonbree BodySpace: kearsonbreefit – – – #gymshark #gymsharkwomen #beavisionary #iifym #iifymgirls #flexibledieting #girlswithmuscle #girlswholift #fitteen #motivation #inspiration #nutrition #powerlifting #bodybuilding #powerbuilding #gym #strong #fitfam #bodybuilder #carbs #healthy #macros #weightlifting #dedication #neversatisfied #gainingweightiscool #diet #summershredding #fitnesstransformation

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No need to overdo it either. A strong and balanced body is more important than having a 6-pack

And finally, proof that you can gain the “bubble butt”!

The most impressive 2 lbs “weight loss”!

*For all the people that don't read the post…YES TWO POUNDS. Body recomposition. Lost fat gained muscle! NEGATIVE COMMENTS ARE DELETED AND BLOCKED*. People have been messaging me telling me they've seen this pic all over 😬like on Facebook pages and groups, twitter, other accounts here ect. I don't mind people sharing it!! But I DID NOT use anyone's products to do this…in fact I didn't even diet to do this 😂 this was all hard work in the gym lifting heavy weights and intermittent fasting. And for anyone just seeing this for the first time YESSS really 2 lbs, the scale doesn't measure fat vs muscle! Keep going girls 🙌🏼💖💜 . . . . . . . . #weightlossjourney #momsthatlift #powerlifting #eattoperform #iifym #allthefood #bodybuilding #strongmom #flexibledieting #squats #fitnessjourney #strongwoman #girlswithmuscle #girlswhopowerlift #dietingsucks #fitbit #fitfam #bodypositivity #powerliftingbuiltthisbody #deadlifts #liftheavythings #intuitiveeating #bodybuildinglife #gymislife #progressnotperfection #beforeandafterweightloss #powerlifter #beyondthescale #nsv #heavylifting

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Just 3 lbs difference between the two pics

Welllll this is hard to post 😬 The end of last year I let the stress of our busy lives and home renovation get to me, and I was majorly failing with my nutrition and workouts. I put myself on the back burner and somehow couldn't find my way back. And I have been down this road before and vowed to never go back. Yes, coaches are human too! I struggle just like the rest of you. I knew I needed to revamp my nutrition and get back to my daily workouts, that is when I feel my best! 💪🏼 So I dove right back into using my portion containers and following my clean eating meal guide like a boss. And I picked up right where I left off with the strength training program I was doing. And little by little o found my way back to the happy and healthy Katie I want to be. And isn't it crazy that there is only a 3 lb difference between these two pics? 😳 BUSY is a choice STRESS is a choice But so is HAPPY & HEALTHY 💗 Choose wisely!

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Leaning out is not necessarily equal to losing weight

4 days before my first @shaneheugly workout {118 lbs}==> 3 weeks {118 lbs} and then 2 months after starting {120 lbs}. || My face in these😂 Left💭: "I am so uncomfortable rn. How embarrassing. I wish I could crawl under a rock." Middle💭: "If I fake smile and put my shoulders back maybe my coach will think I've made some gains." 🙏🏻😬 Right💭: "Stop cracking jokes @robertenslow this is serious business!" ➰HEY GUYS! Happy #motivationmonday 🖤 Today is check-in day with the coach and I haven't heard back yet, soooo yeah. 😅 I was down a few pounds and feeling good about it and now I'm back up a bit, but I still feel leaner. I've got 8 weeks to really hit some milestones with my fitness goals, and I know I just need to stay on track and trust the process! Now, I need to get off my 🍑 and get to the gym! These midnight workouts I've been doing are no bueno 👎🏼 #mondaymotivation

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Also, it is possible to look younger as you age

What other inspiring examples of body recomposition have you seen and have you went through one yourself? Let us know in the comments section and don’t forget to share this post with your friends if you liked it!

10 Body recomposition examples from Instagramers that make the scale irrelevant

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